Sep 18, 2009

Download The Jungle Book 2 (2003) HDTV Rip

The Jungle Book 2 (2003) HDTV Rip

Release Date:-
14 February 2003 (USA)
Plot:-Mowgli feels out of place in his new home, despite the efforts of his friend Shanti and his new little brother. So when Baloo arrives for a visit, the man-cub takes the opportunity to return for some fun in the jungle. However, Shanti, believing her friend was taken, follows them. With Shere Khan still on the hunt for him, Mowgli must protect himself and the ones he cares about from the dangers ahead. The new adventures make him reconsider his decisions and decide which he wants more - a life of laid back hilarity with Baloo in the jungle or a simpler existance in the man village with Shanti.

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