Sep 20, 2009

Download Bangkok Dangerous [2008] DVD rip

Bangkok Dangerous [2008] DVD rip

Release Date:-
5 September 2008 (USA)
Plot:-A hitman who's in Bangkok to pull off a series of jobs falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy.

Kong is a deaf gunman, an assassin for hire who can neither hear his gunshots nor the people pleading with him not to kill them. He receives his assignments through Aom, a hostess at a Bangkok go-go bar.
Kong lost his hearing when he was a child. Because of his disability, he was taunted by other children, and he grew up into an angry young man.
At a target range, he found he had a special aptitude for target shooting when he pictured the faces of the boys that taunted him in the target. His deafness gives him an edge in shooting, as he doesn't react to the gunshots and can better hold his attention on his target. He eventually gets a job as a janitor at the range.
One day, while cleaning up, a customer named Jo is at the range with his girlfriend, Aom. Jo notices Kong watching them. He then offers the pistol to Kong, who impresses Jo and Aom with his shooting abilities.
Jo then takes Kong under his wing and shows him more how to shoot. And, when Jo injures his gun hand, Kong is ready to take on more work.
Working for a mob boss, Kong is sent on a job to Hong Kong. He shoots his target while riding on the Hong Kong subway.
When Kong returns to Bangkok, he has a cold and needs some medicine, so he stops in a pharmacy and meets Fon, a pretty pharmacist who is somehow able to connect with the deaf. With Fon, friendship grows into something deeper. This changes Kong's perspective on life as he realizes that life can be meaningful, even for a deaf assassin like him.
Meanwhile, Aom is having trouble with one of the mob boss' henchmen, who ends up raping her. Enraged, Jo takes matters into his own hands, killing the henchman, which brings the mob's wrath down on Jo, which in turn leads to more revenge killing by Kong, and a final big shoot-out in a water bottling plant.


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